I started this for me! Initially the intent wasn’t to build a brand behind this, it was simply an idea that stemmed from an inconvenience. In no way did I envision that it would become the light to guide me out of a dark place. 


COVID-19 hit at the end of 2019 and altered the entire infrastructure of my existing business; what I’d spent the last 8 years of my life building and working so hard for all seemed to come to a complete halt in a matter of weeks. Stuck at a crossroad and unsure of my next move I turned to a hobby of mine. A year or so ago I’d started researching, formulating, and creating my own skin/self care products. As a business owner and as a mother, one thing that always bothered me was the fact that I had a habit of denying myself, “me time”! A thing that a lot of mothers do. A trip to the nail salon, your favorite store, or a relaxing spa day all so simple but often neglected. So I started creating my own products-when I couldn’t get to those places I could just grab one of my creations to appreciate the concept of “self care” in my own home. 


I launched in May of 2020 with only 4 soap selections and in the last three months my brand has since grown into a community of individuals that not only support my vision but they also love the products. As of today I now have 12 soap bar variations and 10 other skin care products, including some cool tech. I pray to continue to evolve with my brand as I want to offer a piece of comfort and familiarity when you shop with me. I want you to feel like my products were created for you and to cater to your skin specifically! Our products are all made with ethically sourced natural ingredients, including organic oils, nut butters, essential oils, and botanicals. 


This is The Sultry Brand(la.marque.sensuelle)

xoxo, India