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Revel In The Power Of Natural, Chemical Free Products

Our products are formulated and handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality. We pride ourselves on importing our ingredients from ethical sources and using some of the most nourishing natural ingredients available on the market. Free of harsh chemicals for optimal skin health but most importantly made with pure intentions and love.

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  • Vegan

    Our entire collection is vegan and cruelty free.

  • Natural

    We only use the finest
    natural ingredients.

  • Non-Gmo

    Created without any genetic engineering.

  • Compostable

    Shipped in biodegradable corrugated cardboard.

Based on 298 reviews
Amazing set!

I absolutely love this baby powder set. I initially purchased it for my 4 year old daughter. She’s loves everything about it! I can’t even use it lol I had to purchase another set. All in all I highly recommend these products for sure! All three smell amazing!

I love this conditioner

I usually get the bundle with the shampoo but it was sold out 😆 which lets you know it’s a must have has grown my children and my hair out.

Love this set

I love a bundle and these soaps were great to stock up on make you smell so good while getting the job done!

Perfect scent set

Great Set and beautiful scent to set the tone of any occasion. Prepare to get compliments

Always sold out.

Top notch scrub! The smell, the texture, and the way that it exfoliates and moisturizes my skin at the same time are all the perfect fixings for a reliable product. The only negative is that it’s sold out every time I go to restock up on it 😂😘!

Juicy Strawberry Yoni Bar
Jasmine Fontnett
This soap is the bomb

Smell good an have me smelling better

I smell edible 🥰 and I’m smooth like butter

I smell like I taste good and who doesn’t love that. The scrub was a perfect consistency, not too grainy or harsh.

Exactly what I need!

After a long day of work and kids, this is exactly what I need to reset. I thought I was in love with the other body washes but this one is THE ONE! It’s the perfect scent you need for a long bath. The fragrance is super strong and vibrant yet calming. It literally smells like designer perfume, highly recommended!

only soap i use for my intimate areas! Love it.


I absolutely loved this body oil! Not only did it smell amazing, but it also lasted which is always a plus! Had to double back and get the set 😊

Yummy Yoni

These were a blind buy but I’m glad I grabbed them. I actually should have purchased more than one bag but now I know. These x Slip N’Side will have you ready for action 💦🤣 and they taste good so that’s a definite plus.

Life saver 😘🙏🏾

If you deal with any type of dryness issues whether it be age, hormonal, medication, stress, etc. you NEED this product! It’s going to make you feel like you again and remove any insecurities that you may have in the bedroom. It’s been a life saver for my sex life and I’m not ashamed to say that I don’t enjoy penetration without it since I’ve started using it. Doesn’t irritate me whatsoever and a little goes a long way, I plan on purchasing the strawberry flavored one next.

Get 'em

They work and are tasty to take. Increases libido for sure!

Kaliya Williams
Love these sets!

Super cozy & and I love how the top has the elastic at the bottom of the sweater so it can be worn like a cropped sweater.

Juicy Strawberry Yoni Oil
Nivea Jefferson

It’s really good and smells really good.

Amazing bundle!

The whipped soap bundle is everything! From the scent to way it feels on my skin! It leaves my skin so soft and ravishing! I highly recommend purchasing this product!

Juicy Strawberry Yoni Oil
Kaliya Williams
Nice oil

Smells great and feels very moisturizing and I love the natural ingredients.

Each one has its own unique scent profile.

💜Eat It Raw: Probably my favorite out of the three just because it mixes extremely well with my body chemistry. I put this one on just because and I find him sniffing me randomly through out the day.

👅Lick Me All Over: This one is going to make him want to do do exactly what it says. I suggest using this for a lil late night action 😻 it smells so good and stays on the sheets, covers for a few days.

🍑Butt Naked: If you’re having an early morning/ day time session and want to wake him up with a nice scent this is the one to choose. The fruity aroma is a great energetic rise, both figuratively and literally. 😂

Smells Amazing

Yup, another hit! Add to your cart so you can be addicted to these products just as I am. Leaves you feeling fresh, clean, and without any odor.

Tastes Good

Okay now, I am tired of y’all taking my coins but EVERY product is a hit and I mean EVERY SINGLE ONE! Just add some candy to your water like an hour before you’re about to do the do and it’s waterworks. As a plus the candies add a lil sweetness to your juices so your man is going to dive in head first after getting a sample taste. For a double dose of fun pair this with their Slip Inside yoni lube. Sis, you don’t even need to do too much just add these products to your date night regimen.

Don’t hesitate, run to buy this now!

This is one of, if not the best products I have ever used for lubrication and the feeling is indescribable when he first slips it in! I don’t have issues getting wet so this simply enhances the feeling, reduces any friction, and amplifies the orgasm. My husband is a fan as well because it doesn’t get sticky and it’s edible so he’s able to pull out and indulge mid stroke, just to slip right back in. 💦😩🥹 Please don’t hesitate to purchase like I initially did because if I knew what I know now I would have bought multiple bottles when it was first added to the website.


This is the best lip scrub I have ever used!! And once you pair the herbal mint lip balm with it, it really just sets it all the way offff!!!! Gives your lips a cool like sensation but not too powerful.
Like SIS this is one of the those lowkey sleepers every girl should have because who doesn’t need a good hydrating lip balm for the low!!!!! In short buy this lbs!!

It’s perfect!!!!

I just used it today and my skin feels sooooo smooth and soft. It is a perfect pair with the turmeric lemon honey body wash!!! Out of all of the body washes I have used this one is my favorite. The smell of the body wash and scrub is amazing and I will definitely be stocking up on it.

Smells identical

This is a great dupe to MFK 540. I have the original and the perfume set smells identical. I use the bath set and roll on to layer my perfume to it’s already longevity. I’ve already spread the word to my friends and family!