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Revel In The Power Of Natural, Chemical Free Products

Our products are formulated and handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality. We pride ourselves on importing our ingredients from ethical sources and using some of the most nourishing natural ingredients available on the market. Free of harsh chemicals for optimal skin health but most importantly made with pure intentions and love.

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  • Vegan

    Our entire collection is vegan and cruelty free.

  • Natural

    We only use the finest
    natural ingredients.

  • Non-Gmo

    Created without any genetic engineering.

  • Compostable

    Shipped in biodegradable corrugated cardboard.

Based on 325 reviews
Yummy Yoni
Will have you tasting yourself off his lips!

Bought 1 bag, came back and bought 5. Definitely was in my f’ around and find out era! 😩🥲🌊


Each one is a winner! Doubling back to purchase all 6 body mists as soon as I finish this review. A little goes a long way so don’t hesitate to buy the bundle, I still have plenty of each one left and I use them daily.

Waiting on the full sized jars!

Glad I was able to try each scent available for the new collection. I have my heart set on cake batter ice cream because I’m a fan of anything vanilla and my second favorite has to be coconut water and pineapple, it smells soooo good.

Yoni fluff

Smells great and I love that it applies on easily and leaves you feeling and smelling good all day.

LUX Hydrating Body Wash
Aarika Alexander
One of many Favorites!

Omg the lux body wash (red Burberry type fragrance) smells amazing and feels silky smooth. Definitely a Long lasting smell paired with the body butter. This is a must try ladies.

Love This Scrub!

It’s legit everything! Makes me smell delicious and leaves my skin soooooooo smooth.

I Love Them All

I am in awe of the quality provided with these body washes. I initially purchased based off the packaging alone(found you on tik tok) but the product did it for me. Each one has a profound scent but is not an irritant on the skin, lathers well, and leaves me feeling exceptionally smooth after use. I purchased 5 out of the 7 washes and will be returning for the remaining two.

This oil & yoni bar are a dangerous combo

Literally had my yoni soaking wet. I was surprised at how effective this product actually is and the smell is perfectly balanced. Left my Kitty feeling so smooth after use, definitely recommend.

Love it

Smells and feels amazing, no irritation, and great for all over use as well. I noticed I sweat a lot less when using this wash. Left me feeling fresh for at minimum 8hrs and it was rather warm outside so that’s a plus.


I love this set. This was my first time trying it, and I am loving it so far. I wish there was a body spray/mist to top of the set. I will be ordering again.


Grab this and pair it with the peach yoni oil! A little goes a long way and will definitely have your 🍑 feeling extremely juicy. Tastes good too and doesn’t leave you feel dry or sticky like most lubes do.

EVERYTHING & then some…

OMG, where do I start? This combo got me ate “from tha roota to tha toota” 😂 my man didn’t want to let up. The yoni oil definitely will have you dripping wet and smelling heavenly down there. No irritation, just a soft juicy peach.



I’m going to keep it a 💯 with y’all, this is the best body wash I’ve ever used. I loved everything about it. From the scent, the consistency(some brands are too runny), the lathering ability, to the packaging. The benefits it adds to my skin is the highlight of this product and I will be returning for the rest of the collection, guaranteed. The only thing I can say is that I wish there were scrubs and body butters to pair with the scents I purchased; is that really a negative? No ma’am! Simply a suggestion. 😉👀

Sensational products

Purchased vibing blue, wealthy goddess, soul ties, and oh so juicy. All of them smell amazing and are very on brand dupes from the original perfumes. I switch them off throughout the week and they leave my bathroom smelling fantastic. More importantly my skin is left feeling moisturized and as smooth as butter, literally! Fantastic product and I’m glad that you brought this collection back. 20/10!!!!

Highly Recommend!

This scrub smells soooo good and leaves my yoni feeling great! Definitely grab some before it’s sold out again lol!

Wealthy Goddess

Perfect consistency for a scrub. Skin is left feeling moisturized before you even apply the body butter. I love the fact that it’s gentle enough that I can use it multiple times without any irritation, scratches, etc. highly recommend and I will be returning for more scents.

Wealthy Goddess

Smells so good! This body wash leaves your skin feeling so soft, it lathers amazing without stripping my skin.

Wealthy Goddess

Smells amazing, feels amazing on the skin. Moisturizing but non greasy! A perfect body butter in my opinion.


I purchased the vibing blue body butter. It smells AMAZING! light and gentle on my skin and is fresh. I kept smelling something wonderful forgetting it was me. Defly going to try thr whole lux line in this fragrance!

Smells so good!

This is my fav it smells really good and the smell lasts all day!


As you know I have been buying my usual for years now but this is my new favorite! Please make the yoni wash gel in a big bottle, please!!!! The scent is amazing!!!!

love this soap! the scent, the lather, how it makes me smell and feel. if you've been wondering whether you should try it, this is your confirmation!

Great Purchase

The exfoliating bar is helping with back acne I was experiencing. My skin feels smoother. I am happy with my purchase.

Y’all I see why this is sold out! I’m really on this journey of self care and baby this box is it! It comes with instructions on how to use everything and when you do… talk about skin appreciation! I cannot go a day without using my yoni fluff. It smells so good and leaves your body feeling like heaven! My husband had to double back to the shower asking what I was using which is always a good sign. I’m locked in on all of the products. Definitely have to try them out! Although I was nervous about trying intimate products, I must say these will be the only products I will be using. I’m locked in for lifeeee.

Self love

I love putting on the body oil and butter. It really makes me slow down and treat my body with care and it not only leaves it smooth but smelling good as well. Definitely helping me with my self love and care journey.