"The womb of the woman is the most sacred place on Earth.”

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Revel In The Power Of Natural, Chemical Free Products

Our products are formulated and handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality. We pride ourselves on importing our ingredients from ethical sources and using some of the most nourishing natural ingredients available on the market. Free of harsh chemicals for optimal skin health but most importantly made with pure intentions and love.

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  • Vegan

    Our entire collection is vegan and cruelty free.

  • Natural

    We only use the finest
    natural ingredients.

  • Non-Gmo

    Created without any genetic engineering.

  • Compostable

    Shipped in biodegradable corrugated cardboard.

Based on 268 reviews
A Little Goes A Long Way

I purchased this set and I'm happy I did. It's been a great addition to my hair care routine. I love that it smells amazing & a little goes a long way. Great product.

Smells wonderful!

If you’re looking for the absolute grown woman scent, this is your go to. I’ve been a customer for a few years now and this product is favorite! I highly recommend this!


I just got my order and I am IN LOVE with these body oils. No exaggeration, they smell so good, I don’t think I can pick a favorite just yet because they are all amazing! Just order it. They smell sexy and fresh at the same time.

Yoni Rose Oil
Jasmine Andrews
Light & Pleasing

I like how rejuvenated my yoni feel. Insuffer front skin condition that leaves that area extremely dry but with this oil it’s not too heavy and keeps the skin soft.

Solo Trip

Listen here! I am a nice little waterfall naturally but ladies this will have you feeling like a dam that hasn’t been opened in years! Even with my toys the release was so powerful. I had to wait for my girl to chill out before I could stand up. Just the lips rubbing together was sending shocks. Definitely worth the purchase.


This product just leaves you feeling refreshed and clean. It gives the yoni a lil razzle dazzle. The tingling clean sensation is what I really love. Makes me feel like my yoni appreciates the quality of soap I used.

Chilllllllle GET IT!!!

If you are questioning if you should try this slip and slide gel then the answer is GET IT, and get it NOW!!!! This SH** is the sexiest lubricant I've ever seen, it turned me on when I opened it (judge ya mama lol)... the smell and the feel you get from it is amazing no lie nor exaggeration. Don't believe me TRY IT!!!!!

Try! Try! Try!

Love all the products I've used so far! I will be a repeat customer for sure!

Lung Relief

I’m on my can of this tea it actually works. My 5 year old who has asthma drinks it whenever he’s under the weather. It definitely works, he hasn’t been to the hospital. He also hasn’t been using his inhaler or hasn’t needed a breathing treatment since we discovered this tea.

Smells So Good!

This soap smells so good! Love the layers of color and the way it lathers and cleanses.


Love this set! I got the coffee color and it looks and feels great! So soft and warm, perfect for cold weather relaxing at home or a quick errand if needed. I'm mad I didn't buy more at once!

Wellness Tea
Jelisa Varnado
Makes my immune system happy

I drink this when I’m not sick to just give my immune system a boost and it is so delicious

ChocolateChai Tea
Jelisa Varnado
So Good!

Love this tea. As a coffee drinker who is trying to cut back on caffeine I reach for this tea often for an afternoon pick me up when working.

Stress Away Tea
Jelisa Varnado
The perfect tea to wind down with

I drink this tea regularly as a part of my unplug and wind down routine each night. It’s delicious when paired with the candied ginger or plain and is very soothing.

My Go to Hair Care System

I am loving what these products are doing for my hair - my hair is growing back consistently and very strong. Def will purchase again!

Great buy

I am loving every product I’ve brought from you guys. Thank you so much tea is good and really help.!!


One of my favorite "perfumes" as a "type oil" I feel like I've hit the jackpot. Smell great! Will purchase again

Bomb as* Oil

I love this oil! Not only does it smell really good it's last longing. Will purchase again!

Love it

I only used it for 2 days and it was stolen by a friend. It’s clearly a hit lol. I do wish it lasted a bit longer, but it is travel Size so I carried it with me.

Nothing Better!

This soap is nothing short of amazing. Not only does it smell good but it actually helps balance everything dealing with the vagina. You won’t be disappointed using this soap. It’s full of moisture and will leave you feeling fresh. Treat your yoni to one of these bars and she will treat you right 🫶🏽💜

Yoni Soak Bath Tea
Ciarra Short
Perfect Self-Care Gift

Not only does this product smell amazing it leaves my skin feeling soft. I'm not sure what scent is used but it is literally everything. This is definitely a must-have!

Personal favorite

I absolutely love this body wash, leaves my skin feeling clean without any weird film-like residue that most moisturizing body washes have. It doesn't take much and I love the light scent, perfect for individuals with sensitive skin. Overall a great product and I will be purchasing it again for me and my little ones.

Smells Amazing!

Each one has its own unique fragrance and each one brings about a different vibe but they all make me feel and smell sexy.

Just Peachy Yoni Set
Cashmere's Creations

These products are the truth. They are extremely gentle and addictive. Peach is one of my favorite scents so this peach yoni oil and wash are my 2 favorite products right now. Btw I can't stop using them like seriously and my boo clearly is addicted 😩 thank you girl keep up the BOMB products

This sunrise bubble bath soap smells sooo good!
It’s a light & refreshing scent. Soft on the skin.
Smells like pineapples and heaven 🥰