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La Marque Sensuelle introduces our new herbal tea to soothe period symptoms 100% naturally.

Do you suffer from painful periods? Heavy Bleeding? Bloating? Extreme fatigue? Cramps, Migraines, & Nausea? Then you more than likely have what is know as Dysmenorrhea: Cramps and pelvic pain with menstruation, with common causes such as heavy flow, passing clots, uterine fibroids, or endometriosis. Studies show that more than one half of women who menstruate have some pain for 1–2 days each month.

This delicious tea works absolute wonders if you drink 1 cup a day, 5-7 days before your period starts and at the first sign of cramps. For many women, this helps prevent cramps from ever occurring in the first place, and drastically reduces the intensity of pain felt during their periods. Packaged into easily accessible packets perfectly portioned for each month. There are 10 tea bags in each pouch, to enjoy a few days before your period and during your period. A sweet and delicious drink that can be enjoyed hot, warm, at room temperature and even cold. 



Suitable for those who experience stress, frustration and bloated-ness at lower abdomen prior to the period.


Suitable for those who felt cold especially during the period and for those who suffer from sharp menstrual cramp pain and have menstrual flow with blood clots.

Goji Berries:

Loaded with magnesium, which is an effective treatment for muscle pain.

Red Dates:

Suitable for those who fell tiredness and dizziness especially during their period.


Increases energy and boosts immune system, reduces stress, decreases fatigue, works with the heart, kidney, and liver to strengthen and replenish these organs.

Alternative Recipe: 1 bag + brown sugar(although we suggest minimizing sugar intake)

A list of the other great benefits our tea provides:

•Balances hormones.

•Helps with anxiety and stress.

•Supports a normal menstrual cycle.

•Encourages a healthy menstrual flow.

•Aides with occasional menstrual irregularities.

•Aides with occasional cramping and PMS during menstruation.

•Promotes healthy skin

•Protect cells against aging caused by DNA damage

•Relieves menopause symptoms 

•Anti-cancer effects 

•Provides immune system support

•Supports the body in building healthy blood

•Encourages circulation to the reproductive system

•Helps to warm a 'cold uterus'

•High in Fiber

•High in Antioxidants 

•Excellent Natural Sweetener

•High in several nutrients and contains several minerals, including: phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

•Rich in iron, selenium and zinc.

•May stabilize blood sugar

•May Promote Brain Health

•May Promote Natural Labor

If you’re interested in gaining more insight about our new tea and it’s ingredients feel free to read our New Blog Post



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