Keep Her Yummy Vaginal Suppositories
Keep Her Yummy Vaginal Suppositories

Keep Her Yummy Vaginal Suppositories

Marque Sensuelle
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Keep Her Yummy is a natural alternative to restore vaginal balance. 


  • A simple but powerful ingredient solution for maintaining healthy levels of vaginal yeast and bacteria, and a balanced vaginal pH
  • Helps with vaginal odor, relieve Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) symptoms, and for use after your period or sex to feel fresh
  • Tightens and increases moisture
  • Use on the spot as needed, or for a few days in a row, some begin seeing results in as early as 24 hrs
  • Insert vaginally and look out for a little discharge (a thin pad helps)

Quantity: 25 Capsules

DO NOT TAKE ORALLY. Insert vaginally at bedtime for 4 days (and up to 7) to balance yeast and bacteria. From time to time you may benefit from using a suppository after sex (semen has a pH of 7.1-8), during the last days of your period (pH of 7.4), or when you experience other hormone imbalances. Expect some discharge over the course of the night (we like to wear a thin pad to protect our undies) but understand that this is normal. Avoid sexual intercourse during treatment. As a rule, showers are better than baths while treating yeast infections. If you just take a bath our bath tea doesn’t damage your natural ph balance, do not soak for more than 10 minutes at a time. Do not use this medicine if you have open sores, wounds, or ulcerations in your vaginal area or pregnant.


Use them every now and then to help keep you smelling fresh. It's especially good at curing yeast infections. It's quite easy to maintain vaginal health. I recommend shaving, wiping from front to back only and using a feminine hygiene wash without chemicals or synthetic fragrances. These suppositories are great at killing all bacteria including the odor causing bacteria. Since they kill the good bacteria as well I do not recommend using these for prolonged periods of time. Use when necessary. The vaginal area cleans itself as long as you know how to take care of it and keep it's pH level  balanced. 


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