Journey Waist Beads

Journey Waist Beads

Marque Sensuelle
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Material: Durable Cotton String

No measurements needed, simply tie them to your liking! Fits up to 55 inches.

Use our waist beads to track your weight loss or the attraction of wealth, healing, fertility, and protection. While celebrating femininity, sexuality, and spirituality. 

Wear one or layer it up with multiple. 

Once tied these traditional Ghanaian waist beads are an extension of you, because of this commitment yes you can bathe and sleep in your beads.

I believe I do my part globally by pouring monetarily into the laborers of the land by skipping the middle man and going directly to the source; that is what we call ethically sourced. Our waist beads were hand made by a tribe of Ghanaian women. So I just want to extend a sincere thank you to everyone that has purchased and will soon purchase a set or sets of waist beads from LMS; we are big on the transfer of energy and it means a lot to me that what I offer assists with someone else’s livelihood so many miles away.