1. Shipping services are facing staffing shortages resulting in delayed or missed scheduled pick ups all together, as a result shipping times are no longer 1-2 business days. Please allow up to 7-10 Business Days for delivery.
2. Due to inflation and packaging supply shortages some products may be filled in different packaging than you're used to. 
3. Our business is growing but due to mandates our team has not. Products are out of stock more frequently so we will have to do mass restocks as opposed to individual restocks.
4. Quality will always be our priority, some restocks may take longer due to material sourcing. Prices are increasing for natural materials so many vendors have stocked lower quantities with higher price points as a means to recoup.
5. With inflation percentages growing we are trying our best to keep are prices the same, in the event that we do have to raise the pricing on any of our products please know it was with good reason and quality will not suffer because of it.