Thank you so much for your interest in being apart of my PR team for my brand, La Marque Sensuelle(The Sultry Brand). I can not build this brand alone and I am thrilled to collaborate with others in hopes of marketing not only my business but your talents and likeness as well.


Members of our PR team will receive the following incentives:


* Priority access to all new product launches

* Discounts on all product restocks

* Creative property promotion on all social media platforms ran by owner and La Marque Sensuelle

* An opportunity to gain additional income through commission based sales

* On site opportunities for brand promotion such as photo shoots, campaigns, etc when Covid permits


Please allow 2 business days for someone from my company to contact you with approval or decline notice to our list.




India Jennings

La Marque Sensuelle Cosmetics

Instagram: @lamarquesensuellecosmetics


Before requesting to be added to our PR List  you must meet the following requirements:

  • At least 17 years of age or older 
  • Have a minimum of 500 ACTIVE Instagram, TikTok, Facebook followers or Youtube subscribers
  • Can not be contractually obligated to any other brands that are a direct competitor
  • No professional experience necessary but it is preferred. 
  • MUST BE BASED IN THE UNITED STATES, currently we do not partner with international ambassadors

Click here to request access for PR list.